If you have any questions or problems with the Home Automation Remote application, please e-mail us by clicking the button below.

Put iPhone App in the subject line to route the e-mail to the correct department, and please state as much information as possible so we can better assist you.

Thank you for using the application, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

email me
Please try the following before contacting us:

1.     Press                       AND                      
  at the same time to initiate settings configuration.

2.     Input IP address AND port in the network settings page.

3.     Make sure you have at least 1 KEYPAD created before trying to connect.

4.     Remember to keep pressing             to exit

5.     For the SmartHome Design Center app, remember that you are working with Button VID. And for the Qlink app remember, you will need the Button String Number.

If any of these do not solve your problem, please email us your question so we can help you.  We really appreciate any and all feedback, so we can make our app better!