NOTE: This pop up will only appear on first configuration.  After the network settings have been entered, a new pop up will appear when opening the application:

If you are connecting from within the project, click                 .  If you are connecting from a different network, click                .
Step 1 : Configure Settings

From the main screen find and click on the
Home Automation Remote icon

** The first time you enter the app, you must go into settings to configure the app.  On the bottom of the screen, you will see a connection status on the left, and                     on the right.  To go into the settings page, you must hold down                   and tap               .

A pop up will appear.

Click                to enter the settings page where you will add/edit keypads, buttons and your network connection settings.

To navigate between these pages you use the tabs on the bottom of the screen:

Please do not update to OS5 as we have not verified correct usage with our app.