Very Simple Programming:
Getting Started

Unlike other wireless means of controlling the Vantage system, with the SmartHome application, You DO NOT NEED a stand alone PC! The app communicates directly with the Controller via the home's network, or with the internet through the home's router, so there is no need for a computer to communicate between the two.

Before you begin programming your SmartHome remote, you should make sure to have the following:

Internal IP address & Port
External IP address & Port
IP, Gateway, and Network Mask addresses must        be already set on the Vantage controller
Network connection on iPhone or iTouch
Button VIDs (for Infusion)
Button String Numbers (for Qlink)
You need to be able to access the Vantage
controller via the network.

Once you have gathered this information, the programming is fast and easy! Click on the specific App ICON below to begin programming your remote:
Please note: As this app utilizes Vantage Host Commands, it will always work even with updated Infusion Design Center versions. Changes in the Vantage firmware or Design Center encoding will NOT effect its operation.
iTunes App:
Android App: